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                                           We dont need to tell you this, but with                                                a recent Ofsted report focusing on                                                    'Education outside the classroom'                                               and a staggering 81% of teachers supporting more outdoor education, now is the time to inspire your students with Adventure Bandits.

Whether you are considering Adventure Bandits                            for a reward, ex days or as a provision, we can

cater for many different students with our

differentiation focused learning. Our instructors

are well experienced and suited for students with

challenging behaviour and SEN needs and are qualified in Positive Behaviour Support. We focus on individuals learning skills                            requiring responsibility, becoming more confident                                                        and developing social bonds.

                                            All we need is an outdoor area for our                                             equipment and the fun can start, rain                                                or shine. Adventure Bandits staff have                                             experience with many different schools                                             types, ages and abilities

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