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Why bushcraft? What’s bushcraft?

A simple zen philosophy is to always have a questioning mind… to which the best reaction is to ask why?! So, why bushcraft? And what is bushcraft?

Bushcraft can be interpreted in many different ways. Some may say bushcraft is the art of outdoor living. That’s what it physically can be. others may say it’s the study of effortless living with nature. That’s what is intellectually could be. Another may tell you bushcraft is about embracing and learning from the ancient practices of our ancestors, frontiersmen and even today's isolated forestry workers. This is what bushcraft can be useful for. So what exactly is bushcraft?! Well, it’s all of these, and so much more.

For Adventure Bandits, bushcraft is the simplistic, minimalistic way of not just surviving, but thriving in an outdoor environment. It is history, it is art, it is education and it is practical skill, But most importantly to us, the essence of bushcraft is appreciation. The water in the ground, the trees around us, animals and all the plants contribute to our experience in nature, and all these entities are to be respected, understood and revered. Bushcraft is not earth worship, and nor it's not wilderness domination. It's about being one with the outdoors, bending with the contours of nature and harnessing natural abundance to sustain us comfortably but moderately.

As Alan Watts once said, “you can’t get wet from saying the word water”, so there’s no use talking about bushcraft, the outdoors or nature, it can only be studied and understood for yourself by getting out there and submerging yourself in its spender. So, ignore everything you just read about why bushcraft and what’s bushcraft. Go out there and tell me what you think bushcraft is for you!

Why bushcraft? Why not!

What’s bushcraft? You tell me!

Adventurously yours,


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