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The acorn or the oak tree?

Which is more important - the acorn, or the oak?

🌳The answer to this question is why children are so important to us. A tree is just the acorns way of making more acorns, and the acorn is the trees way of making more trees! Children are our own longing to replicate joy, adventure and reconnecting with an absolute relationship with everything around them, and who they are. Of course, their longing is to become just like those they admire most. So teach them to admire love, teach them to question all things and to never stop adventuring - do this by participating fully in the act of love and life, everyday. Start by smiling more🌳

Inbox us to book your children’s first bushcraft birthday party 🥳 🌳 ⛺️

Disclosure - the seed in the kids hand is a conker, I know its not an acorn 🌳

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