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Carving a New Spoon

Once when carving a wooden spoon (the most humbling and frustrating of new skills to learn) out of freshly cut beech wood, I went through 3 halves of split logs until I carved a worthy formative shape of a spoon. Then, over the course of a week long canoe trip through Sweden, I shaped, sanded and polished the perfect spoon… well… perfect for my first time at least. My 2 previous attempts at carving the basic shape of the spoon ended up as fuel for my campfire and the knowledge of 2 different ways not to make a wooden spoon!

Knowing when to change your endeavour completely or subtly applies to all your bushcraft and outdoor endeavors, from routes taken, camp locations, or that day's method of cooking. When your keen eye is practiced enough to realise when something needs to be altered, you make fewer mistakes, more deliberate attempts, and eventually you become an expert at that undertaking. Realising when to alter your plans is not only a skill for the woods, but a skill for all areas of life. When we don’t change the way we do things after the need for change has arisen, we can only ever expect to go around in circles in our finances, relationships, work or home life… the list goes on.

Campfire, tripod and teepee tents - The perfect bushcraft party!

West Yorkshire was a fantastic base for Adventure Bandits bushcraft. We met lots of aspiring young bushcrafters, hesitant then elated parents, teachers and general public. Most importantly, we inspired HUNDREDS of children in schools and in private parties to learn outdoor skills, fun and grow comfortable with nature – something we are all part of (hard to believe when you’re snuggled up in the comfort of your own homes, away from our instructors chanting for you to eat some of our edible insects)! We have realised that our service is best suited for a different environment and a whole county full of children in rural locations, and so have said farewell to our beloved customers and clients from Yorkshire, and have established new roots in the naturalist’s paradise – Cornwall!

Like my poorly carved spoon many years ago, we are shaping Adventure Bandits to the grooves, knots and grain of Cornwall and are so impossibly excited to inspire a generation to get off the Xbox, lift the veil on natures mystery and get inspired with our camps!

The Adventure Bandits team looks forward to seeing you all in Cornwall!

Adventurously yours,


Founder and instructor

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