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Bushcraft Activities 

All of our activities are instructed by our Adventure Bandits professionals. Our instructors have honed these skills across the world from the Arctic Circle to South America, and have taught children from Sicily to Cornwall - You're in safe hands!

Tribe Tales

Paint your tribal flag, decorate the Teepee and practice your war cry to compete with the other tribes! This artistic activity gets creative ideas flowing and opens all Adventure Bandit camps.

Wild fire *

Practice lighting fires using ancient and modern methods, including flint and steel, batteries and mixing chemicals! A crucial skill to learn if you want toasted marshmallows!

bushtucker trial

Make your own survival bread and bake it on the fire. Some prefer jam, but only the bravest and wildest can choose to have an edible insect sandwich! 

Cutting Tools*

5 children at a time can learn how to safely use a knife for bushcraft practices. Carve a tent peg crucial for setting up your shelter, and learn about the legalities of using a knife safely in the UK

Shelter building

Set up your own survival shelter from very basic materials. if you carved a peg, now is the time to use it! Cook some popcorn on the fire and enjoy under your temporary tent!

War paint and feathers

Prepare for battle and paint your face for camouflage or combat with a verity of colours. Craft an indian headdress and decide who is the best tribe of the day!



£3 Per Person

Survivor skills (fake blood optional!)

Hear gruesome stories of survival (or sometimes not), learn basic first aid and understand how to call for help wherever you are. be prepared, your instructor will give you a suprise test!

Survival bracelet 

Craft and keep your very own survival bracelet and be ready for any situation. With different colours to choose from, these bracelets can be fashionable and functional. Hot Chocolate also served with this activity!


£2.50 Per Person

Awesome value!

* Before this activity is started, an extensive safety brief is given and the legality of this topic explained clearly before and after.