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Its simple - we awaken the inner adventurer with exciting bushcraft parties taken to your garden or school! We customise fun for children's parties, extra curriculum activities in schools and  outdoor enrichment experiences for grownups - all in the comfort of where you call home. Your adventure seeking rascals will love the challenge of lighting a fire with only natural bushcraft materials, having their own bushtucker trial with edible insects (yuk!) and learning bushcraft skills in a teepee. The more calm groups can focus on mindfulness, you can choose to learn how to make and keep your own survival bracelets, share songs and stories around a campfire and toast marshmallows. The choice is yours, why not mix it up! Just tell our team your expectations and we'll match them.

We believe the fun and adventure of bushcraft should be embraced by every child, teenager and adult, regardless of any limitations. From disabilities to behaviour issues, Adventure Bandits its committed to bringing bushcraft parties usually taught in far away woodlands to any back garden, school field or other onsite outdoor area. 

We endeavour to meet any of your requirements to ensure a fun, happy, enriching experience that will be a memory treasured forever. Call today and bring bushcraft home!